base2Services helps Australian E-Retail giant glide into the Cloud

We cut our costs, we cut our response time, we cut our workload, we cutover on schedule and we slashed our concerns to fly through.

Gavin Terrill, CTO, THE ICONIC

See the impressive results

  • THE ICONIC was able to migrate to its new Amazon Web Services platform in just over two months
  • Stressful maintenance and after-hours testing procedures were eliminated, reducing the pressure on THE ICONIC’s in-house DevOps team during the transition
  • Network load was reduced by 70%, improving THE ICONIC’s EC2 provisioning by 50%
  • THE ICONIC was able to make it through Click Frenzy without any issues. Click Frenzy is Australia’s biggest online shopping day: in 2014 it is estimated that over $38 million in eCommerce transactions took place in a 24-hour timeframe.
2 Months Complete Migration
240% Performance improvement on cost ratio
Zero Performance issues during click frenzy

A bit about THE ICONIC

THE ICONIC is Australia’s largest online fashion retailer. Stocking over 700 brands and more than 45,000 different fashion products for sale on its website, THE ICONIC has found success through highly effective customer service and shipping, including three-hour delivery to metropolitan Sydney.

What THE ICONIC needed

In the face of growing traffic and eCommerce sales, THE ICONIC’s server capacity was being pushed to its limits. With only months to go before their online activity was projected to eclipse their available resources, THE ICONIC decided to make the transition to the cloud.

Given its stature in the industry, THE ICONIC had to have an eCommerce platform that could scale up as necessary and enable a great customer experience. The company identified Amazon Web Services as its platform of choice.

After seeing others in the industry take as long as 12 months or more to complete similar transitions, THE ICONIC knew they needed to take action to drastically reduce this timeframe. If not, they would face technical errors that would cut into their business during the upcoming holiday season, beginning with Click Frenzy and running through to the Boxing Day sales.

To this end, they decided to work with a trusted partner that could help guide THE ICONIC throughout their move to the cloud. They were looking for an experienced team that could help them minimise both costs and time devoted to the migration.

Iconic Case Study

How base2Services delivered

base2Services oversaw THE ICONIC’s migration to the AWS platform every step of the way. Helping a client as large as THE ICONIC move their operation to a new cloud platform meant that base2Services’ team would have to think on their feet and anticipate problems before they eventuated.

Thanks to the great number of similar AWS migrations that base2Services had performed in the past our team, together with THE ICONIC's savvy and adept in-house tech team, had no issue in meeting the requirements for the transition. The knowledge of THE ICONIC's development team helped significantly with ensuring a smooth migration.

base2Services also provided agile testing modules that would allow THE ICONIC to test changes and verify that they worked much more quickly. Above all, base2Services was able to free up the resources of THE ICONIC’s in-house development team so that they could focus on deploying new services and handling other mission-critical tasks.

The migration was smooth. The insights and experience from the base2 team really showed and we went live without any issues. We are now achieving one of the fastest site load times across the e-commerce landscape, of under 2 seconds.

Gavin Terrill, CTO, THE ICONIC

THE ICONIC migrates to AWS

Watch Gavin Terrill, CTO, speak about the THE ICONIC’s migration to AWS and the successful results.

Duration: 3:40