Why Your SaaS Company Needs Secure AWS Infrastructure

Starting with a secure baseline

Being a SaaS company comes with the responsibility of ensuring the security of the underlying infrastructure. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular choice for SaaS companies to deploy their applications to due to its flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. However, simply using AWS does not guarantee secure infrastructure. It is crucial for SaaS companies to take additional steps to secure their AWS infrastructure to protect their data and customers from cyber attacks or data breaches.

We understand the importance of securing your SaaS company's AWS infrastructure and the steps you can take to ensure its security. Traditionally, software security has been viewed as a separate phase that occurs later in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), often during testing or just before release. However, shifting security left involves integrating security considerations into each phase of the SDLC, starting with the initial planning and design stages, and continuing through development, testing, and deployment. By doing so, potential security issues can be identified and addressed earlier in the process, reducing the risk of security vulnerabilities making it into the final product. This can lead to more secure software that is less vulnerable to cyber attacks and other security threats.

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