Our Process

How we help our clients succeed

We don’t believe in "putting out fires" for our clients. Instead, we implement processes that avoid those fires occurring in the first place. We are there to support your expertise. We don’t replace your existing digital providers - we complement and enhance them.

One-Off vs Long-Term Providers

We don’t see ourselves as one-off providers, we form long-term partnerships with our clients, supporting them and their development teams as they work towards their long-term growth goals.

Your Capacity for Change and Risk

We recognise that different businesses have different capacities to deal with change. We can work with you gradually over time, helping you achieve your goals as needed—or rapidly if you are dealing with rapid growth and need results now.

Onboarding, Workshops

A card wall that we commit to

We work with you and your team to determine what your target architecture and goals are. We spend time together understanding what is needed, what you have and how we are going to get to the target end goal.

Together, we commit to the deliverables.

Onboarding, Build (Phase 1)

Cards fly off the wall

Working on weekly iterations, we build your infrastructure starting with development, test and finally production. We do it like this because the toughest issues are found in development, simplifying the production migration.

Usually a six week phase, we have built the infrastructure and the deployment pipeline that your team has tested.

Evolution, Ongoing enhancements (Phase 2)

You never stop developing, so why should we!

Keeping your infrastructure future proof, we are always working together to evolve what we have built and how your team takes advantage of it.

Change is always inevitable and we accept that. We remain focused to delivering for you.

Support, 24/7 is only the start

We stick by what we have built.

We take on support because it gives us the insights into what we need to improve and how things are going.

Our weekly chats are about the issues and the changes you need. We agree to delivering for the next weeks iteration.

Dedicated, Accountable Partner

An agile approach for dealing with issues

We are lean and agile. Implementations happen fast and efficiently to make sure that the results are visible quickly - as well as looking for opportunities to mitigate risk and avoid issues before they arise.

At the same time, we understand that a return on investment is the most important thing for our customers, which is why we make sure that what is implemented can be validated, and the value to the business is obvious.

Fixed Price

You will never see a charge for a change request

DevOps as a Service is at a fixed monthly price and includes everything we promise.