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What you get
Make it work, your way

When choosing to work with base2Services, you don't get presented with a menu of services that you simply pick and choose from. You get the full support of a dedicated team, that will not only manage your environment, but help you move your organisation to the next phase.

To us, DevOps isn't about ticking service boxes. It's about challenging the norm, being disruptive and ultimately eliminating unnecessary risks and costs. We work with you to build the infrastructure code, design continuous integration processes, introduce new ideas and find ways to make your applications perform. Our goal is to help you reach your goal, and the way we achieve this is not by clock watching. We're happy to provide all the time you require at a fixed price, so you never have to worry about asking us to get involved.

Partnering with us is not just about hosting. It's about working together to develop an agile solution, where nothing is set in stone. Everything we do is adaptable and flexible, ensuring that we continually provide you with the best solution to meet your individual needs and requirement, today and for the future.

A truly shared DevOps approach

Task base2 You
DevOps processes
Selection of the Application Stack
Configure virtual infrastructure
Deploy virtual infrastructure
Script virtual infrastructure
Monitor application health
Configure the tools that manage the processes
CI Management & Build
Configure the release management process
Define the release management process
Own the release management process
Change the configuration on an ongoing basis
Manage the tools
Team Culture Maintenance
Team Culture Training
Ops. coding
Dev. Coding
Deploy to Production
Analyse application performance
Application Architecture
Infrastructure Architecture
Architecture Guidance
24x7 Foundational support

Knowledge sharing and innovation

See Mohammad Adnan, Disruptive Tribe Tech Lead, Pitchi, at carsales.com Ltd talk about how base2Services helped them with its new innovative online selling app Pitchi.

Duration: 1:04

The value of partnerships

Watch Michael Ridgway, Director of Engineering, Ryvuss, at carsales.com Ltd's, discuss how base2Services helped the Ryvuss search and recommendation product team to achieve an efficient and easy-to-use solution.

Duration: 1:08
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Foundational Support

Ongoing maintenance is critical to keeping your applications alive while ensuring they perform at their optimum during normal business operations. It is our priority to take care in understanding your systems, your business and your people, so you can reach your goal.

In addition, we provide an assortment of typical managed services 'things'. Tasks like; monitoring, alerting, backups and reporting. Ongoing, as we improve monitoring, deployment processes and architecture, we are able to switch our focus to continuously deliver more. Sometimes this is frequency, sometimes it's functionality, sometimes it's confidence.

If you would like to discover to steps to helping your organisation succeed, contact us today to arrange a consultation.

Find out how for less than the cost of a full time resource, we combine Managed Services and Consulting to deliver faster with best practices