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Is your SaaS Product missing out on new customer opportunities?

base2Services is here to help. We offer foundational technical review & remediation services that help you pass your Amazon Web Services (AWS) FTR audit and ensure your SaaS product is ticking all the boxes. With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your product is taken care of and compliant with AWS requirements.

Foundational Technical Reviews (FTR): What you need to know


  • FTR
  • SaaS DIscovery and Build
  • Migration


  • competency
  • Service Ready
  • AWS Marketplace (MP)


  • Monetize on MP
  • Co-sell, re-sell and distribution

The AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) enables you to find and fix risks in your software or solutions. It is an audit to ensure that your product’s AWS infrastructure is reliable, secure and performant. The FTR is a self-service review, however it requires extensive technical expertise to understand and complete, and a clear plan of action to implement the findings.

Jason Shore, Co-Founder and CEO, Sardius Media, on their partnership with base2Services

Jason Shore, Co-Founder and CEO, Sardius Media, discusses how partnering with base2Services helped them to implement a DevOps process and maintain a system with 24/7 availability.

Duration: 2:01

How base2services can help

base2Services is an AWS SaaS Competency and DevOps Competency audited consulting partner with the experience and expertise to help you get your product compliant.

Our team of AWS experts will work with you to walk through the review, understand your specific needs and requirements, and help you to create a plan of action for compliance.

Whether you have started the process of completing your FTR audit and have found some issues you need to fix, or have completed your FTR audit and failed, base2services have a tried and tested process for helping you identify, solve and implement solutions to your problems.

We take a hands-on approach, working with you to understand your specific needs and requirements to put together a tailored plan of action.

Using our extensive frameworks, we can implement resolutions to the most common audit items and help you remain compliant using our support capabilities.