base2Services helps achieve a 93% reduction in deployment time for their new online selling space Pitchi

base2Services weren't just a formula, they weren't just a contract. They actually wanted a relationship and wanted to make sure that our products were successful.

Michael Ridgway, Ryvuss Team, Ltd

See the impressive results

  • Working with base2 the Pitchi/carsales team slashed monthly spend on hosting by 69%
  • Deployment time was cut from 15 minutes to 1 minute, a 93% reduction which drives and enables more agile iteration
  • Further ongoing opportunities to optimise and innovate how the Pitchi team develop and deploy
93% Reduction in deployment time
69% Reduction in monthly costs

A bit about Ltd, Australia’s leading online automotive classified site, is constantly challenging its industry and pioneering new ways to search, sell and shop online. Most recently this led it to launch Pitchi, a mobile and desktop application where entrepreneurs and micro-businesses can bring products to life via video.

A huge player in the Australian classified industry, has highly skilled developers whose daily job is to maintain and innovate the Ltd group websites. Pitchi app’s development and deployment was well within their grasp, however they needed to manage cost and time constraints to deliver. These were key to reaching their successful launch into international markets, with USA, UK, NZ, Canada and Ireland being added in the second half of 2015.

What Ltd needed

Changing the classifieds industry isn’t easy. The transition to internet based listings is the only real major disruption we’ve seen, but Pitchi may just open the floodgates to a new way people use classifieds.

To successfully engage on a deployment of this scale, carsales will work with base2Services to build on the significant benefits provided by the AWS platform to reduce costs and increase agility. This will enable carsales to remain focused on iteration and the agile deployment of updates.

CarSales Case Study

How base2Services delivered

base2Services engineers worked closely with to resolve issues surrounding deployment and cost.

The base2 team of engineers worked in close collaboration as an extension of carsales team to identify and solve issues to deliver success for Pitchi.

More importantly though, base2Services passed on its knowledge, enabling the carsales team to emulate and repeat the processes and achieve the same results down the track.

base2 helps us quite a bit, in terms of teaching us and guiding us about what are the best practices inside AWS. Not just doing it for us. They've empowered us, which is really valuable to me and to the team.

Michael Ridgway, Ryvuss Team, Ltd

Knowledge sharing and innovation

See Mohammad Adnan, Disruptive Tribe Tech Lead, Pitchi, at Ltd talk about how base2Services helped them with its new innovative online selling app Pitchi.

Duration: 1:04

The value of partnerships

Watch Michael Ridgway, Director of Engineering, Ryvuss, at Ltd's, discuss how base2Services helped the Ryvuss search and recommendation product team to achieve an efficient and easy-to-use solution.

Duration: 1:08

Knowledge sharing and team work

Watch Greg Collins, Disruptive Tribe Lead at Ltd, talk about how base2Services is helping them improve efficiencies and deliver its properties to the market faster on cloud based environments.

Duration: 1:08