Discover how base2Services helped Service Stream rapidly deploy new contracts faster

base2Services did an amazing job delivering the integration services with my team, with ServiceNow and ETADirect. The ongoing support they provide is highly regarded across my team and Business leaders.

Craig Wishart, CIO, Service Stream

See the impressive results

  • In just 5 days base2Services delivered an enterprise grade open source solution on the Amazon cloud that managed field based staff routes and data capture
  • Service Stream was able to save more than $500,000 on upfront capex by choosing to use Amazon cloud services instead of procuring on-site hardware to manage infrastructure demand
  • Service Stream and its client gained the immediate capability to manage KPI’s and perform analysis on data that was up to date
  • Recognised as a major success by Service Stream’s client
5 Days for Enterprise grade mobility solution
100% Scalable to scope of data collection and duration of project
$500,000+ Capex Saving

A bit about Service Stream

Service Stream is a publicly listed industrial services organisation employing 4400 people across 51 offices around Australia. Service Stream prides itself on its technical capability, providing innovative solutions, including a Web-enabled mobile phone billing system and the Federal Government’s DoNotCall register.

What Service Stream needed

In December 2008 Service Stream won a large contract that involved visiting a million residences and collecting data on mobile devices, including photographs, and transmitting and reporting that data to its client.

They only had a few weeks to get the solution up and running and were in the middle of a number of other large projects and infrastructure upgrades at the time, including a SAN migration at their data centre.

How base2Services delivered

base2Services suggested that the application could be hosted in the cloud using Amazon’s cloud offering as a platform to host the application and store the data.

The cloud model proved to be a great solution due to uncertainty regarding the scope of the data collection and the duration of the service. Service Stream did not have to commit its own infrastructure, and as a standalone project, it did not require integration with any of Service Stream’s other systems.

“We had a good experience with this one and are now looking at how we can apply that to other things,” Alistair Legge, CTO, says. “We are getting close to data centre capacity, so we are looking for alternatives to expanding our data centre, and we see this as one option. We’ll be looking at taking some components out of the data centre and putting them into the cloud to get over that short- to medium-term requirement to spend money on a new data centre.”

base2Services capabilities with open source and cloud computing significantly reduced the business risk associated with a project of this size in the short timeframe allocated.

Craig Wishart, CIO, Service Stream

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