How removing the need to purchase hardware for peak periods, saved JUST AUTO 80% in Capex expenditure.

Working with base2 we have developed a solid platform that enables us to launch new verticals to market in considerably less time than it traditionally would.

Chris Greene, Strategy and Innovation Manager, JUST AUTO

See the impressive results

  • The cost savings over purchasing the necessary hardware for peak periods was a total saving of around 80%
  • The ongoing Managed Services provided by base2Services post implementation lowered ongoing costs by approximately 30%
  • Automation of capacity planning means reduced need for on call staff
  • A clear IT Architecture model for leveraging the cloud
80% Capex Saving
30% reduction in ongoing costs
Zero on call staff required

A bit about JUST AUTO

The JUST AUTO network is the first and best destination for buyers and sellers of everything automotive. Providing successful advertising solutions for more than two decades, the JUST AUTO network services the needs of buyers and sellers, for a full range of brands covering general and niche automotive markets.

What JUST AUTO needed

JUST AUTO had developed a new portal for its consumer base. Moving into the web market had interesting challenges for Just, including an unclear capacity model. The non-functional requirements had an impact on budget allocation that needed to be resolved.

How base2Services delivered

base2Services was engaged to determine the architecture requirements of the cloud based solution and provide the capabilities for JUST AUTO to scale with consumer demand. base2Services provided an architecture that could scale on demand based on trigger events from the monitoring platform. This approach meant that JUST AUTO could allocate a small budget to maintain the site presence during off peak periods and allow for growth as required.

We know continued technology innovation is key to maintaining our lead in new markets and strategies in the auto classifieds space." "We got more than we expected though.

Chris Greene, Strategy and Innovation Manager, JUST AUTO