Managed Amazon Web Services

We help business manage their AWS cloud.

If your team is focused on the day-to-day management of AWS, chances are they aren't focused on activities that drive business growth.

By leveraging our expertise and our proven approach, you will get a faster, more secure and reliable environment at lower cost.

You can rest easy knowing that your cloud operations are backed by a company that is audited for AWS competencies with 100% certified AWS engineers.

Dedication and focus is needed to get the most out of AWS. We have invested years into improving what we do to make things better for our customers:


Consider us an extension to your architects and developers. We're here to bounce ideas off of.


We build from the ground up using Security best practices, making sure that everything is locked down.

Stay Ahead

AWS and your team release new features. We are there to make sure the infrastructure is taking advantage of these.

Why not take advantage of our AWS experience?

Con Raso, Founder and Managing Director, Tuned Global

Con Raso, Founder and Managing Director of Tuned Global, shares how and why his company executed their transformation into AWS.

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Mark Milbourne, Senior Vice President - Product Development, Certify Inc on their partnership with base2Services

Mark Milbourne, Senior Vice President - Product Development, Certify Inc, discusses how partnering with base2Services has been a real “headache-removal-experience”.

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