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Optimized Services for Enterprise's Cloud Transition

This news release is provided by CIO Review on the 15 September 2015

Today, many companies ‘fly blind’ in efforts to embrace the cloud. As per Cloud Reality Check 2015, approximately 41 percent of 1600 respondents still face turbulence in migrating their solutions and applications to cloud. Experiencing a similar problem, THE ICONIC- an Australian online fashion retailer—was confronted with success and rapidly growing traffic and e-commerce sales constrained by server capacity. Discovering a risk in the online business, THE ICONIC wanted to leverage a partnership to enable a smooth transition to the cloud. The fashion retailer’s search for a trusted partner finally ended with base2Services, a company delivering intelligent cloud-based integration and deployment services streamlining business operations. base2Services extensive knowledge of cloud technology platforms helps clients minimize both cost and time for migration. In two months, THE ICONIC completely migrated to AWS. “Our expertise in AWS cloud operations resulted in reduction of client’s network load by close to 70 percent, improving EC2 provisioning by 52 percent,” says Arthur Marinis, CEO, base2Services.

Base2Services delivers fully integrated managed services and expert consulting services for cloud based systems. Automation of business processes gives clients greater scalability, better performance and enhanced flexibility. “base2Services combines both in-depth understanding and viable technology, to deliver value-oriented AWS services for an enterprise,” asserts Marinis. Further, the company’s Application Development Services (ADS) specialize in operating the enterprise’s cloud systems. “Our key role in guiding the organization’s architecture teams for AWS bridges the gap between advanced software and complex cloud operations,” explains Marinis.

base2Services has a four stage cloud-migration-Design, Plan, Implement and Configure. Throughout these stages base2Services provide insights for organization’s performance. “Our expertise in end-to-end cloud design, integration, operations and maintenance promotes innovation benefitting large scale solutions across multiple industries,” adds Marinis. Leveraging this enterprise-class proficiency, base2Services unique ‘DevOps as a Service’ empowers Dev teams with proactive monitoring, 24/7 support, optimization and easy management of cloud-based systems.

As an “enablement” service it has proven credentials in helping development teams by “doing with” not “doing to”. Marinis is clear “Our goal is to make management of production environments as automated, simple, reliable and repeatable as possible. Some customers are fully agile with high levels of automation, and there’s value we provide in how we do things other customers are just starting out, have a development team, don’t have CI/CD processes in place, and we can help establish that. Our success is measured by how we progress their proficiency and the incremental capability to deploy change with confidence. They aren’t standing still and neither can we.”

Years of experience in end-to-end cloud design, integration, operations and maintenance promotes innovation delivering benefits for large scale solutions across multiple industries

base2Services believe only when your application takes advantage of cloud specific properties do you start to reap real value. With a long history of application development, they understand how to build and architect applications to run effectively in cloud. The level of engagement whether at C level, helping set strategy, all the way down to individual development teams, working with them to transition their application to take advantage of the cloud.

Marinis foresees continued enthusiastic opportunities in the Cloud domain. “Amazon Services are constantly expanding. So we are committed to continue partnering with Amazon to deliver comprehensive services for our clients,” clarifies Marinis. “Our customers want to empower their Developers and we will leverage Amazon and cloud services to deliver that power.”

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