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Update from base2Services

This news release is provided by base2Services on the 27 March 2020

We hope you and the people around you are doing well, and that you are safe wherever you are.

We would like to reassure you that we are fully operational. Working remotely is how we have always handled support. Our systems and processes have always been in place. We have added additional measures to ensure that our team does not feel isolated and we can continue to assist businesses during this challenging period.

What we are doing to help our customers:

  • There is no disruption to our 24/7 consulting and support model, communications and access to our team. All our operational and business systems are cloud based, with processes in place that ensure continued availability and security.
  • As a global organisation operating across 3 continents, our teams are used to working remotely with our customer teams and with each other - our co-working tools and remote communication processes are well rehearsed.
  • All team members have full access to all our systems and applications via our VPN.
  • We have switched all meetings to be online.

We support change

With business needs changing daily, our flexible engagement model and agile DevOps deployment method can really help with implementing rapid essential changes, such as:

  • Removing the risk of key personnel for deployment and support
  • Enabling organisations to adapt and change their cloud architecture and business quickly
  • Optimising and reducing AWS costs
  • Implementing secure remote access solutions
  • Enforcing the use of temporary access keys to AWS
  • Implementing ChatOps processes and tools

We hope your business is able to handle these difficult times effectively as well.  If you require help or wish to discuss how we can assist you at this time, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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