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base2Services named as one of only two APAC partners for AWS SaaS Competency global launch

This news release is provided by base2Services on the 06 May 2020

AWS Partner SaaS Competency base2Services, a global provider of DevOps-as-a-Service and next-generation Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions, announced today that it has become one of the first 24 partners worldwide and one of only two Australian companies to achieve AWS SaaS Competency status.

The AWS SaaS Competency distinguishes AWS Partner Network (APN) members as expert SaaS consultants with deep experience in helping businesses design and build SaaS solutions successfully and seamlessly on AWS. It certifies base2Services as an APN Consulting Partner that has deep domain expertise and is a thought leader in the SaaS enablement space.

Partners holding the AWS SaaS Competency focus on developing their customer's internal skills and helping to build the foundations required to build complex SaaS products on AWS. They are experts in reducing friction when migrating legacy applications to cloud-native solutions.

For more than 14 years, base2Services has helped SaaS customers automate, scale and deploy successfully on AWS.

base2Services Managing Director Arthur Marinis said the validation gives base2Services customers complete confidence that they are partnered with an elite provider among the tens of thousands in the AWS Partner Network.

"Attaining AWS SaaS Competency assures our customers and our market that SaaS is our focus. For companies that build SaaS products, this shows them that not only do we know AWS technology, but that we understand how to comprehensively build SaaS solutions, and how to model those solutions," Mr Marinis said.

"Our customers are looking for scalability and security. Whether that is security in compliance or in system operations, we’re uniquely positioned to help them because we’ve being doing just that for 14 years. We make sure that their build pipelines are working, secure and that their systems are completely scalable."

AWS SaaS Competency accredited partners must not only understand the tools to support SaaS, but how to help their customers adopt the culture of building SaaS.

"A great example here is our work with Attaché Software. We helped them move to AWS, automated their deployments and boosted the growth of their multi-million dollar SaaS Accounting and Payroll Software." Marinis said.

Attaché Software CTO David Norris said base2Services provided the essential tools and automation expertise that his business relies on every day.

"base2Services architected our infrastructure to automatically scale when needed, implemented best practice security, and provides 24/7 monitoring," Mr Norris said. "Being a fast start up is how Attaché runs every day, and base2Services run alongside of us and sometimes even ahead to get us exactly where we want to be."

Mr Marinis said another key capability for implementing successful SaaS solutions was expertise in the deployment and management of Kubernetes and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS).

"That's something we do really well. Customers want to know how to take the technology they already have and get a multi-tenanted or single-tenanted environment fast, then continually improve and evolve their products. We partner with them for the entire journey," Mr Marinis said.

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