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AWS re:Invent highlights 2014

This news release is provided by Arthur on the 20 November 2014

As we see the close of Amazon’s Third Re:Invent, the changes just seem to get better and better. We have seen the introduction of new services that received applause from the crowd, and simplification of management of services.

Thankfully, the strategy base2Services has taken to align with AWS and be a key partner has proven to be a strategy well worth taking.

Seen the attendees at re:Invent, the ideas and products that are coming out by a massive amount of companies and the new opportunities that can be had with the simplicity of just constantly removing the heavy lifting is really getting better.

See some of the highlights of the keynotes below

Day 1 Keynote Highlights

IMAGE AWS re:Invent Day 1

Day 2 Keynote Highlights

IMAGE AWS re:Invent Day 2

We are now going to see more Docker in your solutions. Congratulations to AWS for making the experience a great one.

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