Our Management Team

The cogs in the machine
  • Arthur Marinis

    Arthur Marinis

    Managing Director

    Arthur has spent the last 25 years establishing businesses from ideas. His passion for operational improvement and practicality in business has prompted him to become one of the leading faces of cloud computing. As CEO and Co-founder of base2Services he led the company to being the first to launch a DevOps as a Service on AWS offering in 2006 initially called Build Pipeline. Today, and many cloud implementations later, he is pushing the boundaries on how SaaS companies approach and manage a cloud environment.
  • Aaron Walker

    Aaron Walker

    Technology Director

    Aaron has over 18 years experience working in the IT industry delivering large-scale enterprise applications and integration solutions. He is very passionate about open source technologies and has a deep and thorough technical understanding. He has contributed to several open source projects over the years and is the project lead for Jentrata, an open source B2B gateway. Aaron is all about knowledge sharing, process for teams and tools. He regularly shares his knowledge as speaker at major industry conferences including JavaOne, OSDC and OSSPAC.
  • Melanie Koster

    Melanie Koster

    General Manager

    Mel’s focus is to ensure the team is committed and delivers high value to all our customers. She is responsible for our customers’ satisfaction, general operations and company administration. Mel has worked within the IT industry for over fifteen years. She has extensive project and team management experience and successfully delivered and supported a variety of programs and projects in the Finance, Digital, Media, Internet and Technology industries.
  • Wayne Bingham

    Wayne Bingham

    Manager Global Sales

    A committed Customer Advocate, Wayne has worked across the range of software and consulting services and gained more than 10 years experience in cloud computing. Starting out as Info Technology Auditor, he discovered his passion for customers and change and continues to evangelise IT business alignment and governance. An avid observer of technology he is afflicted with OCVD Obsessive Customer Value Disorder so he is right at home at base2Services.
  • Jessica Walker

    Jessica Walker

    Head of Marketing

    Jessica organises all marketing related activities. She is your contact for all media and advertising related enquiries.