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Companies that we've helped make an impact in their industries

  • Carbon Diet Coach

    Carbon Diet Coach

    It's my second time working with base2Services to fill the DevOps needs for my startups and both experiences have been absolutely stellar. The onboarding process was very quick and within a few weeks we were migrated to AWS with a fully working CI pipeline. Working with the base2Services team is awesome because they take the time to understand the business and help make decisions together about where to focus resources to make sure we have high availability, growth capabilities, and effective cost management.

    Kevin Paterson, Co-Founder

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  • LogicSaaS


    Working with base2Services completely changed our trajectory. We were able to get backing from one of the largest seed funds in America called Village Global. That’s a $100 million seed fund. It was like a dream come true.

    Lewis Gyson, Founder, LogicSaaS and Forbes 30 Under 30 Honoree 2019

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  • Parakeet


    In starting a business it's important we work with people who believe in what we believe in. Strong relationships and cooperation are crucial and we have that, at every level, with base2. They believe in our business and embrace what we are trying to achieve.

    Charles Wong, Managing Director & Co-Founder

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  • Attaché


    base2Services put the tools in place and delivered the automation to support our processes. They architected the infrastructure to automatically scale when needed, implemented best practice security, and provided 24/7 monitoring…being a fast start up is how Attaché runs every day. base2Services have run alongside of us and sometimes even ahead to get us exactly where we want to be.

    Dave Norris, CTO

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  • Open Universities Australia

    Open Universities Australia

    I believe base2Services was instrumental in the success of the project. In particular, their expertise and experience on the AWS platform, their proactive and dedicated people and their flexible service model contributed greatly to the success of the project.

    Srini Nori, Manager - Design, Development & Implementation

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  • Sardius Media

    Sardius Media

    base2 has been great to work with. They provided a solution for us and for our customers that we can really count on. base2Services exceeded our expectations and our customers' expectations with what we have been able to deliver on top of that.

    Jason Shore, Co-Founder and CEO

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  • Tuned Global

    Tuned Global

    Partnering with a DevOps company allowed us to develop faster without increasing our internal team, so we could spend more time focusing on user experience. We felt they could help us achieve real results.

    Con Raso, Managing Director

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  • RSL Art Union

    RSL Art Union

    We went to market looking for a partner that would understand us and be a true partner. And that was one of the cornerstone decisions in selecting base2Services to work with us on this journey.

    Luke Traini, Chief Executive Officer, RSL (Queensland Branch)

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  • Ltd Ltd

    base2 helps us quite a bit, in terms of teaching us and guiding us about what are the best practices inside AWS. Not just doing it for us. They’ve empowered us, which is really valuable to me and to the team.

    Mohammad Adnan Pitchi Team Leader, Ltd

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  • Dubber


    We started off with an idea, and what we did was add complexity. We added complexity in terms of our aspirations. We added complexity in terms of the technical development. Everything was about complexity.

    Steve McGovern - CEO, Dubber

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  • The ICONIC

    The ICONIC

    The migration was smooth. The insights and experience from the base2 team really showed and we went live without any issues. We are now achieving one of the fastest site load times across the e-commerce landscape, of under 2 seconds.

    Adam Jacobs - Managing Director and Co-founder, THE ICONIC

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  • Cotton On

    base2Services’ autoscaling initiative slashed our ongoing Amazon hosting costs and at the same time allowed our websites to breeze through hectic shopping events like Boxing Day and Click Frenzy. I would definitely recommend them and use them in the future.

    John Stojanovski, Group Web Development Manager, Cotton On

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  • AWS Case Study Loop11

    cloud / aws / devops /

    See the case study produced by Amazon Web Services.

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  • Social classifieds across multiple verticals

    The cost savings over purchasing the necessary hardware for peak periods was a total saving of around 80%.

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  • Service Stream gains rapid deployment

    base2Services capabilities with open source and cloud computing significantly reduced the business risk associated with a project of this size in the short timeframe allocated.

    Alistair Legge – CTO, Service Stream

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