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Webinar - Start Building CI/CD as Code. The 7 Lessons Learnt from Deploying and Managing 100s of CI Environments.

Using CI to create code pipelines is well understood. However, when it comes to creating the pipelines, reuse, version control and dependencies can cause problems. This can be overcome by turning all your CI into code, not just the pipeline. Learn real-world scenarios of how to incorporate these techniques into your current CI/CD capabilities taking advantage of Jenkins, AWS CodeDeploy, CloudFormation and ECS.

Join us for an exclusive Webinar with Aaron Walker, Cloud Warrior and Director - Technology of base2Services.

In this FREE 45-minute presentation, Aaron will discuss the CI/CD challenges that often create a challenge for devs and ops.

The 7 lessons learnt come from more than 300 AWS migrations over 10+ years of working with CI/CD, the challenges base2Services mastered and the ideas we have behind each lesson.


WEBINAR March 29 2017 14:30 - 15:30 PST


Date: March 29 2017
Time: 14:30pm PST

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