Learn how you can grow YOUR business by moving to DevOps and the AWS cloud

We helped Tuned Global, a global SaaS music streaming platform, expand to new markets and engage with millions of new customers whilst reducing their costs.

Partnering with base2Services allowed us to develop faster without increasing our internal team, so we could spend more time focusing on user experience. We felt they could help us achieve real results.

Con Raso, Managing Director - Tuned Global

By downloading this Case Study you will learn:

  • 1 How Tuned Global executed their transformation to the AWS cloud.
  • 2 How the initial migration of the core system was completed in just 6 weeks through 'DevOps as a Service', our unique approach to consulting and managed services.
  • 3 How implementing a DevOps approach resulted in up to 70% reduction in cost for development and testing.
  • 4 How Tuned Global were able to expand their business operations supporting 220 million new users as a direct result.
  • 5 How CI/CD and automation enabled their dev team to accelerate product innovation and increase speed to market.

Understand how DevOps and AWS can help transform your business and enable you to scale for growth.

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Learn how you can achive the same impressive results
  • 6 Weeks Initial Migration Timeline and Budget Met
  • 220m New Global Users Supported
  • Up To 70% Reduction in Cost of Development and Testing