Support Subscription for Jentrata MSH

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With over 99% customer satisfaction, base2Services’ Jentrata MSH support offers the peace of mind needed to run Jentrata in production without sacrificing any of the simplicity and flexibility you have come to expect from Jentrata. From basic support best suited for development-time questions to 24x7x365 production support, base2Services has a support offering to meet your needs.

In addition Jentrata Open Source releases are completely supported by base2Services Jentrata MSH subscriptions. base2Services provides all the enterprise capabilities, experience and implementation guidance you need to run Jentrata in production.

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Jentrata Support Subscriptions include a combination of tools and support to ensure that your usage of Jentrata is low risk and maintains peak performance throughout the life of your Jentrata implementation. The 15+ years of enterprise experience combined with the design and delivery of many large scale messaging and B2B systems makes Jentrata a tremendous partner in any B2B integration work.

Want to find out more about Jentrata? The Jentrata Community websites gives you all the information you need. The Jentrata community websites gives you access to the mailing list, forums and the latest source code. Visit the Community Website

Jentrata Support

Two options to suit everyone

Features Self Managed SaaS Managed
Pre-packaged Jentrata
Managed Jentrata
Named Accounts 2 2
Number of support incidents 15 unlimited
Support hours 9am-5pm AEST 24x7x365
Response time 24 hours 1 hour
Maintenance and software update notification
In house installation
base2Services’ managed

Jentrata Pricing

Self Managed

is a fixed annual fee per instance of Jentrata required starting from $27,500 USD per year.

SaaS Managed

is a fixed fee per month, fully managed environment starting from $5,750 USD per month

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