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A new year's resolution for IT Managers

Arthur Marinis

27 February 2014

3 Minute Read

happy new year

What’s your new year’s resolution for 2014?

As expected, some will swear to quit smoking and others will vow to lose weight. They always poll as the most common resolutions each year.

Here’s one that’s a bit different. And if you’re an IT manager it’s tougher than both of those combined. In 2014, we dare you to try and not lose any of your developers in the year ahead.

The demand for skilled developers is heating up as more and more companies turn to IT and cloud computing to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies.

If you’re managing an IT team, chances are you’re already paying a lot for skilled developers who understand both your business and the technology surrounding it.

But, unless they are happy with their workplace and work conditions, they will still likely jump ship at the earliest opportunity, taking all of their expertise with them.

Some companies go extraordinary lengths to hold onto their developers and other essential staff. Google is really a textbook example of this. They provide meals, activities to encourage their staff to both stay at Google and work longer hours.

But even that may not be enough. A recent ranking from revealed that the search giant has one of the highest turnover rates of all US companies.

Many have questioned why this is the case, with most laying the blame on Google’s Gen Y heavy workforce. But the answer may be much simpler: Google ‘strongly encourages’ its developers to work both long and awkward hours to get the job done.

This is a key frustration for developers, and the emerging trend towards a DevOps development process – where the average developer takes on the role of IT operations as well – is only going to exaggerate the problem. It’s a necessary evil, as without this, project timelines would begin to balloon.

But, what if your developers didn’t have to do all the Continuous Integration (CI), release management, patch management, late night support and fixing of security issues? What if this could be outsourced? Well, that’s what we offer at base2Services. For the approximate cost of one developer, we take that burden off your team. They’ll likely thank you for it and perhaps stick around a little longer too.

Your applications won’t suffer for the decision either. Our AWS certified team proactively monitors your system and ensures performance and processes are optimised. So, we’ll not only help you hold onto your staff, but we’ll likely improve the quality and success of your applications as well.

The problem with most New Years resolutions is that people tend to forget about them by the end of January. If your serious about holding onto your talent and improving your business in 2014 then here’s one easy first step: check out this presentation It’s quick, it’s very easy to understand and it’s also a good start to making 2014 a year that both your company and your staff won’t regret.

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