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Amazon AWS in Australia – What does it mean to me

Arthur Marinis

13 November 2012

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With the launch, finally; I should say; of Amazon AWS in Sydney, you can now run your applications and services within Australia. To most of you, this may mean absolutely nothing, but to me it means everything. I will explain why this is a big deal shortly, but let me make a couple things clear upfront.

“resurgence in spend by companies in IT”

base2Services, the company I manage and partially own, has worked with Amazon AWS for 6 years. To add to this, Amazon AWS was launched in BETA 6 years ago. We are the first Australian based company to use Amazon AWS and even though we had some amazingly tough challenges with AWS in the early days we could not go past the way it was going to change IT forever. We also have a very close relationship with Amazon AWS and are respected by their management and engineers. So yes, I am biased towards AWS and for reasons beyond commercial.

“more tangible costs and no more capacity planning”

We have had one of our clients test systems running in the Sydney region during the 6 week BETA testing programme. In this time, AWS was testing the environment shutting down and unplugging servers to validate the environment. We were testing the speed and durability of the environment. Here is what we found, the average response time was 10ms. Wow! This is less than the dedicated servers we have sitting in Sydney. It was not expected. And something else we found, apart from some edge services that are not available yet in Australia, like Glacier, everything just worked.

Getting the benefits of what Cloud computing provides from the world’s most mature cloud provider and having it here in Australia is a great result. I can go on for hours talking about the benefits of cloud computing, but I will only pick a few. Cloud Computing means no more servers, better scalability in your applications, more tangible costs and no more capacity planning. To add to this, being in Sydney means faster response times for the eastern states, no data sovereignty issues and easier to convince your stakeholders to leverage AWS.

“average response time was 10ms”

So what does Amazon AWS in Australia mean to me? Basically, we are going to see a massive uptake of cloud computing in Australia by larger organisations. We are going to see a change over the next couple years in the types of IT jobs available in Australia and we are going to see more development jobs kicked off. Having Amazon AWS in Australia will impact some job types, but will create new ones, but above all, it will see a resurgence in spend by companies in IT.

Having AWS in Australia has created a new confidence in the industry. I saw this at the recent Customer Appreciation day we sponsored. The enthusiasm from senior management was there. They all had an interest in meeting to discuss, something that was tougher to get over the past few years.

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